John Berg, RIP


Being responsible for one unforgettable (and influential) album cover would seem more than enough to qualify for a life well-lived.
But John Berg dropped more than a handful of immortal images, perfectly laid out, doing the near-impossible: making already remarkable albums even better and more indelible.

Well-played, indeed.

Fantastic overview of his life and accomplishments courtesy of the New York Times.

Nice anecdote, underscoring his expertise and judgment, here:


Here’s a sampler of some of his finest work, with a representative tune from each.

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Keep on Baracking in the Free World: 10 Songs for 4 (More) Years

1. Now’s The Time.

Because, you know, it is.

2. Focus on Sanity

No further comment necessary. Thank you America!!!

3. II B.S.

His name is CHOLLY MINGUS and I approve this message.

4. You Can Make It If You Try

True for our president; true for any of us. Preach it Sly!

5. Walk the Streets of Glory


6. Hey You

Together we stand, divided we fall…

7. Day After Day

Civil War is raging endlessly, day after day…

8. This Must Be The Place

But I guess I’m already there…

9. Give Blood

Give love and keep blood betweeen brothers…

10. Fight the Fight

We are all fighting the same fight
We are all in the same war
We are all in the same revolution
You got to know what you’re fighting for…