DUMB Dynasty

First off, the only dynasty involving ducks that I’m interested in discussing is the Duck BOAT Dynasty, also known as the 2013 RED SOX.

Regarding the other item, shouldn’t the real question be why you were watching Duck Dynasty in the first place?

(My only comments, via FB: I mean I’ve never seen it, so I don’t know, but let me see if I’m following the premise and its ostensible appeal: “THESE GUYS ARE *SO* HARDCORE AND LEGIT THEY ALLOW A FILM CREW TO COME IN AND APPLY MAKE-UP AND FOLLOW THEM AROUND ON SCRIPTED ADVENTURES!” #YuppieSlumming)

Also, what Jackson said:

“Well they got a little list of all those things of which they don’t approve/Well they gotta keep their eyes on you –you might make your move!” Well-played, sir.