The Intersection of Technology and Magazine Publishing (etc.): Round Two with Jane Friedman!


My ongoing series “The Intersection of Innovation and ___” continued yesterday. (Previous discussions can be found here.)

I was thrilled to have another opportunity to speak with Jane Friedman, publisher, author, professor and guiding light for writers everywhere. In addition to having been publisher at Writers Digest (and seeing, firsthand, how the so-called “traditional model” operated), she helped found Scratch, which is giving her a real-time opportunity to understand –and help shape– the brave new world of publishing.

(PSA: if you are a writer, or have any interest in trying to comprehend an industry that is changing literally every day, subscribing to Scratch will not only be a wise decision, you’ll be helping promote the interests of a digital magazine dedicated to collaboration, community and creativity.)

Today, Jane and I talked about all sorts of topics (in thirty minutes!), ranging from print media vs. digital, the ongoing issue of compensation (who makes money? how do they make it? what does compensation mean, depending upon who you are and what you do?), the ubiquitous notion of “branding”, innovation and the inevitability of progress, and –briefly– the current imbroglio (some excellent and refreshing perspective on that here).

Check it out, and stay tuned for another round with Jane, coming soon!


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