Songs of the Day: 2:30-3:30 PM, EST, circa 1975

First off, if we can all agree that the Internet is the greatest thing ever invented, we can certainly acknowledge that YouTube is one of the best things the Internet has made possible.

I know the sense of smell is reputed to be the most powerful of the senses in terms of invoking memory and place. But when I watch the intro themes for two shows that occupied an hour of my life every Monday-Friday from 3:30-4:30 pm, circa 1975, I am five years old again. And you can’t put a price tag or any type of premium on that type of gift.

Looking at these now, I realize (and remember) how so many of our ’70s cartoons were English-dubbed Japanese productions (Ultra Man, Marine Boy and, of course Speed Racer). I never made the connection, until now, that Marine Boy is Speed Racer. Not a ton of artistic innovation there; just put the same boy in different (equally implausible, therefore ingenious) scenarios. I would say more, but all of a sudden I’m five years old and I’ve forgotten how to type…..




  1. I actually had this conversation with someone the other day. (This is both sad AND life-affirming in a way).

    I preferred Marine Boy over Speed Racer, but age has made me see that they were the same thing. Like Speed Racer and Aquaman had a kid.

    I also thought that all cartoons were Japanese because the mouths never matched up with the words being said. I was partly right and partly wrong because the artists back then just couldn’t match up English to English either.


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